Falcon Dance heads to Puebla, Mexico

for Performática

April 12th - 18th 2020

The company will be teaching Modern Technique and performing an excerpt of Beauty Happens.

“Founded by Mayra Morales and Ray Eliot Schwartz, professors of dance at Fundación Universidad de las Américas, Puebla, Performática is a festival, a conference, a workshop, a community builder, an exchange project, and a creative vision. Inspired by years of exposure to international workshops, performance festivals, academic conferences, and community art projects, Performática aims to synthesize the best of these events into a unique forum. The event brings together an international cadre of practicing dancers, choreographers, theorists, and teachers of contemporary dance and related movement arts. Over the course of the forum, workshops, roundtable discussions, and performances will be convened with the goal of facilitating international and intercultural exchange of practices, knowledge, theory and culture as related to the contemporary discourse of body movement, expression, and philosophy.”

Katie Murphy