Beauty Happens

Premiering in Winter 2018/Spring 2019

Watch a rehearsal teaser below!


2017 Emerging Choreographer Student Piece at The Bates Dance Festival

Miguel Castillo, Marin Day, Lena Engelstein, Krissy Harris, Andrew Pester


2016  Premiere

Emily Diers, Jake Ely, Brit Falcon, Caroline Nelson, Colin Ranf, Nattie Trogdon

Royal Society

2014 Premiere 

Courtney Acomb, Emily Diers, Brit Falcon, Molly McSherry, Sarah Moore-Klein, Caroline Nelson

2017 Re-imagined version of Royal Society for New Dance Collective Spring Performance Workshop

Nicole Assanti, Niki Farahani, Monica Mordant, Kala Seidenberg

Home, Heart, Hero

2013 Premiere

Courtney Acomb, Emily Diers, Brit Falcon, Sarah Moore-Klein, Molly McSherry, Jessica Reidy, Amadi Washington