Human nature manifests through thought, sense, perception, and action. It's naturally imposed on each of us, and it speaks honestly. Layers of culture and social influence blur the lines, but our innate qualities are always present. As a company, we believe that movement is the closest link to humanity and the characteristics in which it is encompassed. We explore relationships, experiences, and thought to investigate how human nature can be regarded as a source of norms, as well as a constraint on life. The work is drawn to vulnerability and risk, mending subtly with expansion, athleticism with artistry, and humanity with ingenuity. The breadth of the work is within the through-line where movement becomes meaning, and that meaning becomes an honest and distinctive statement. 

As a group who believes art can transcend, sparking change and positive communication, we make longer work to live in and grow with us. With each self produced show, we try to give back by donating a percentage of our ticket sales to a worthy cause. 


"I see energy moving across an open space, rhythm personifying on a blank canvas, and the architecture of relationships. I find that my movement is highly driven by momentum, gravity, and the control of complete abandonment. There is a circularity or continuity in the way I interweave bodies. Even in stillness I feel movement continues. Although I’ve been told my movement feels highly organic, there is a roundabout way I like to investigate movement initiation through redirecting energy in an unexpected pattern. I essentially like the challenge of ‘reinventing the wheel’ and taking the path of most resistance. However, no matter how abstract or inventive I become I always bring it back to humanity. The vulnerability of human expression and possibility exhilarates me. I always want to know who you are and how to move you; have I moved you?"

Brit Falcon, AD




Photo by Gothamfotografia