Modern/Contemporary Technique

This class is a chameleon which continuously rediscovers itself. Always striving to gain a deeper connection to ourselves, we will become grounded physically and spiritually. As we cultivate a healing practice for our body, we will bring attention to personal unwanted movement patterns, and work to increase the body's capacity for change. Our partnerships to the floor, gravity, and time will be redefined. We will push to embody material quickly, move with speed and adaptability, and explore internal and external rhythms. As we gain stability, we gain mobility; as we gain control, we gain freedom; as we gain clarity, we gain risk. We will do all this while continuously being reminded of the joy of movement and music!



@ Gibney Dance Center

280 Broadway
Entrance at 53A Chambers
New York, NY 10007
(646) 837-6809






Photo by Scott Shaw